Margot turned 6 months old this week! This is how we celebrated.

Those two sure are cute together.

If Charlie’s mouth looks blue, its because he just had a haircut earlier that day and ate a blue lolly pop afterwards :) During the video, he keeps asking to open another window on our pop up advent calendar. One week in and he still hasn’t quite figured out that we only open one a day!

Can you spy our Elf on a Shelf, Weegee?


caution: cute baby alert

Sorry everyone for not updating in forever. Nathan had two weeks off work two weeks ago, which meant I had lots of time to do school work, work in the yard, and other miscellaneous things like take a shower! In the morning! Without Charlie crying in his little rocking chair! Last week, we had a fun week long visit from Aunt Lisa and Aunt Bella, went on a million walks, and made lots of baby food!

Updates on all that later. Yesterday, we had a great visit from Grandma Lydia! Charlie had so much fun and was being extra smiley and fun. We got this video of him later in the evening showing off his bubble blowing/spitting skills and overall, just being too cute to handle. Enjoy!