Week 4: Home Alone

This little lady is getting quite round! It’s pretty much impossible to pick her up without kissing those big cheeks!

Today is Nathan’s first day back at work! Before Margot was here, I thought four weeks was so long for him to be off, (and it is!) but it flew by so quickly! I’m sure he was ready to go back even though he wouldn’t say he was :) We’ve already had a jam-packed day that included a bike ride, trip to the library (success!), cookie baking, and LOTS of puzzles. Margot has of course, slept through all of it.

Yesterday was an extremely rare occasion in our house. Everyone was sleeping at the same time! During the day! Margot and I had fallen asleep on the couch and Nathan and Charlie fell asleep watching “Buzz and the Train” aka Toy Story 3 in “the big bed.” When they woke up, I plopped Margot in with them, much to Charlie’s delight!

We broke out the whale tub for Margot! She loved it, just like Charlie did. In fact, Charlie is still so obsessed with taking baths that if you’re the one stuck watching him while he’s in the tub, you are pretty much held hostage for at least 30 minutes. There is usually no convincing/bribery/timeout/no books before bed/anything in the entire world that will get him out of the tub. The other night, the water had turned quite cold, his entire body was one big raisin, and he had been in for who knows how long. I pulled the plug and he sat there sobbing in the tub. Not just screams or fake cries, he just put his head down and sobbed. Soaking wet. In an empty tub surrounded by toys. He didn’t start screaming until I tried to take him out…it all went downhill from there. about 45 minutes later, somehow Nathan got him to be still enough to get his jammies on. It was a long evening.

This is what 99% of Charlie’s naps look like. He’s go go go go until there is nothing left. He only takes about 5 naps a month, so if a snooze on a mini chair is all I can get, I’ll take it!

Week 3: Big Girl!


Margot had a doctor appointment on Thursday- 9 pounds, 11 ounces and 22 inches long! That’s about a pound and a half and one inch bigger than only two weeks earlier! It’s amazing how fast they grow at this stage! I’ll post about our eventful trip to Clearwater soon, but I’ll leave you with this sneak peek…


It was a very wet weekend to say the least!

Keeping Busy

Charlie has been such a good boy since his baby sister came to live with us. We think he did every one of his puzzles at least 6 times yesterday…and he’s got a TON of puzzles!

Margot gave him a 48 piece pirate puzzle and he mastered it in about two days flat. He knows exactly where every piece goes!

If Margot’s ever taking a nap or we’re not holding her, he has to know where she is. He’s always asking, “Where’s Margot, Mama!?” Wherever she is, he is not far away!


Today I had my two week appointment, so I took Margot and Charlie stayed home with Nathan. While we were gone, this happened:

Nathan: Charlie, where’s Mama and Margot?

Charlie: Mama at work!

Nathan: Where’s Margot?

Charlie: At work!

Nathan: Where does Margot work?

Charlie: The doctor!

Nothing like a little imagination :) We came home to find them eating “fancy ice” (Italian ice), yum!

Week 2: Happy Father’s Day!

We survived week two with this sweet girl!


She’s been getting up more at night the past few nights and decided to kick off Father’s Day by spitting up all over the bed…twice in one night. That was really fun. Let me tell you, you have not lived until you are jolted out of your sleep-induced stupor by being soaked by an infant that only looks like she’s drifting off to sleep. It happened again last night, but I was smart enough to not burp her in bed!


Charlie worked very hard for the past few days on Nathan’s Father’s Day “card.” He glued a bunch of shapes that I cut out for him with the cricut and then drew himself and Daddy. I’ll have to take a picture of it. It was pretty cute! Nathan decided that his Father’s Day present would be a solo trip to Home Depot to get wood for him to build his workbench that he got a while back.


Charlie and Nathan have been going on daily “bike rides” down to one of the ponds in our neighborhood to visit the ducks. Margot and I decided to make it a family outing yesterday.


He can really get going on that thing! He goes ahead, but knows to stop at every crossing and curve of the sidewalk.



When we get to the (very low) pond, he hops off the bike and shows us the ducks and whatever else is hanging around over there.


He does a little pushing…


and comes back to tell us what he saw. We ran into one of our neighbors that lives next to the pond that we hadn’t met yet. She came over to see Margot in the stroller. As always, Charlie ran right up to her and yelled ” THIS IS MARGOT!!” He does that to everyone we see now. Checkout at Target? Stranger in Publix? They all get introduced whether they want to or not. It’s pretty cute!


We had some really fun visitors from grandparents the past few days…

Papa and Gigi



and Grammy!

We’re headed to my parents this weekend so Margot can meet Aunt Lili, Uncle John, Aunt Tara, and Cousin Annie! It will definitely be a packed house at the beach!