Apparently I decided to take January off! Not to worry, I was still taking pictures! We kicked off the month with a fun Massini family get together at our house on Lisa’s last day in Florida. We had butternut squash soup, sandwiches, and a whole lot of fun!

The next day, I put Charlie to work organizing the Christmas ornaments. This was heaven to him! At first, he was sad that we were putting them away. I explained that we have to put them away for them to be special again next year…Now every time we put something away, even for the night, he’ll say, “It’s gonna be special, Mama?” Pretty cute.

The next weekend was Disney (Half) Marathon Weekend! By the way, I ran that. More on that later!

Yes, those are our children outside Cinderella’s castle in the middle of the night. Yes, we are insane. Note that they are both wide awake.

A few weeks ago, Margot was in her crib and Charlie was playing in her room while Nathan was spraying a diaper (glamorous). He kept hearing Charlie say “Her’s not on her’s bottom! Her’s not on her’s bottom!” over and over. He couldn’t really figure out what that meant, but thought that maybe she had fallen over. He walked in to find her pulled up on the side of the crib! Isn’t it funny that Charlie is noticing her milestones?

*knit bows available in the shop!*

In other news, Margot is eating (and loving!) Cheerios!

There has been a whole lot of brother-sister love happening around here!

I cannot get enough of those cheeks!

And Charlie decided to take a turn sitting on her lap…

Margot LOVES to stand. She’s always trying to get Nathan or me to help her up!

Love that wild girl smile!


Christmas Party x 2!

Last week we had two parties in one day! We started off the morning with our play group and had a Milk and Bookies¬†Christmas party. We all brought new books to donate to a local children’s home. The Milk and Bookies organization provides bookplates, stickers, and helps you find an organization to donate to. What a fun idea for children’s birthday parties, too!

We gathered lots of books for the Children’s Home Society of Florida!

The kids had so much fun decorating cookies. Charlie and Jack worked very hard on their masterpieces for about an hour, and then went back to decorate some more!

I don’t think Jack’s cookie could handle any more decorating.


Margot had lots of fun playing with Elmo in the stroller. All the moms had lots of fun drinking these:

The best hot chocolate ever! Jennifer made it from scratch with dark chocolate, complete with frozen cool whip star! It was seriously amazing. In fact, I could really go for some right now! I wish I got pictures of all the other fun foods and decorations. It was like Pinterest exploded in Jenn’s house, she and Liza really outdid themselves.

Next, we hopped in the car to get to party number two, the EA Christmas party! It is so much fun every year. This year , the theme was “Who-liday,” the Dr. Seuss theme was everywhere, even the “real” Grinch! I’m guessing he came from Universal Studios, because that night we saw a commercial for their Christmas events, and there he was in the exact same costume and makeup!

Margot was shocked to see him!

Charlie was very brave and held his hand

 We went to see Santa, too! The line was full of little white whimsy trees.

Margot couldn’t even contain her excitement!

We do not have a good track with Santa pictures. Check this one our from 2010. Surprise! This year we have two happy kids sitting with Santa!

The highlight of the party for Charlie was the snow.

He spent a very long time on the “swippy swidey snow!”

Chocolate milk!

Some Who-ville carolers…

I’ve got to include this one from last year’s party. A live reindeer and Margot in the belly!

What a fun day with family and friends!

Margot’s Baptism

Margot was baptized on November 25 at St. Brendan’s Catholic Church in Clearwater Beach. It worked out perfectly that nearly all the aunts, uncles, and grandparents could be there!

A little bit of rascal-ness happened, but overall, everyone was very well-behaved!

With her godparents, Lisa and John

She started to have enough after a while…

Afterward, we had a delicious lunch at my parents’ house. Charlie approved the cake!

Thank you to everyone that made it such a special day!


Happy 4 months to our sweet girl!

I made the executive decision to switch to monthly pictures because let’s be real, we all knew there would never be 52 fancy weekly pictures of Margot! Major props to Kendra, memory keeper extraordinaire, who is currently on 50 straight weeks of documenting Charlie’s favorite 50 week old, Kenley (or, if you’re Charlie, Kendee!)

We love you, sweet baboo!


In other news…

We’re lucky again!