Margot turned 6 months old this week! This is how we celebrated.

Those two sure are cute together.

If Charlie’s mouth looks blue, its because he just had a haircut earlier that day and ate a blue lolly pop afterwards :) During the video, he keeps asking to open another window on our pop up advent calendar. One week in and he still hasn’t quite figured out that we only open one a day!

Can you spy our Elf on a Shelf, Weegee?


Two Peas in a Pod

These two make me so happy! These were taken on Charlie’s third birthday. I can’t believe my tiny boy is three!

It is so fun to see their relationship grow as Margot becomes more “alive”. Speaking of that, look who’s sitting up all by herself! She started doing that the week before she turned 5 months!

She is always looking for him if he’s not in view and loves it when he “holds” her!

Charlie can make her laugh more than anyone else and takes such good care of her. If she’s crying, he’ll run over to her and say, “Aw Margot, it’s okay! Don’t be sad!” Then he usually runs away and reappears a few minutes later with a toy that he found in her room. It is so so sweet.

Can you imagine these two being teenagers? Margot bossing around Charlie and making him drive her around? We are in for a lot of fun!


Charlie: (after seeing Margot in the Bumbo seat) You’re going potty, Margot!!!

Charlie: Mama, can I have a cracker?

Me: Yes, but you have to be patient, I’m changing Margot’s diaper.

Charlie: (talking quietly to himself) Patient means please.

Nathan: We’re late! Do you know what late means?

Charlie: …GOODNIGHT!!!!