Nathan and I were (and still are) so sad when Conan went off the air. When Charlie was a newborn, I would randomly catch the beginning or end of his show, depending on how long and often Charlie decided to be awake that night. Nathan would watch on Hulu. Now, we are Conan-less and sad.

Until today.

Because I found this during nap time yesterday over at the MADE blog. I knew it needed to be made during nap time today! For those of you not familiar with Conando, I’ll pause while you watch this.

See why we love Conan? I know you do too.

So Charlie and I ventured out to Michaels yesterday despite his Mr. Grump status. I knew if we didn’t go then, there’s no way I would have nap time to work on Conando! It was worth it. I needed an exacto knife and Martha didn’t disappoint. We came home, Charlie went to sleep, and I went to work.

I gathered all my supplies

Plus freezer paper. The little Conando is printed on the dull side of freezer paper. My college roommate, Christine is the only person I’ve ever met that actually uses freezer paper to protect food in the freezer. Fun fact :)

Next, I cut out all the teeny tiny Conando bits and ironed them onto the onesie. This took about 45 minutes to do. It was a good thing Charlie decided to actually sleep during nap time!

Then I held my breath as I painted all over Conando’s face. Hopefully I ironed it on well enough!

Turns out I did! Here’s my little baby Conando.

What better way to celebrate St. Patrick’s day than with Conan O’ Brien!?

The MADE blog has so many fun projects. You should really check them out!


Some people think baby boys don’t need legwarmers. I’m not one of those people. However, I’m not exactly jumping in line to pay $10 for a pair. So after finding this amazing tutorial at Prudent Baby last week, Charlie and I headed to Target to find fancy socks to make him some. We headed to the men’s department and I was shocked at the selection of snazzy socks they had! We picked a pair up for Charlie that had fish on them.

Here is is hanging out with them

I’d like to meet the man that wears those socks. I bet he’s pretty fun. Grumpy men don’t wear socks with fish on them…Except for Charlie.

Anyways, they were so easy to make! Just cut off the feet, hem up the bottom, and make them a bit skinnier around the ankle and, viola!

A happy boy in his new babylegs!