Avast Me Hearties!

Charlie’s 3rd birthday party was pirate themed. With his birthday only a week after Halloween, it helps to keep the theme going! We held the party at a local park, which was the best idea I have had in a long time. There was no way we were fitting 35 adults and 12 kids into our house. Ever. We couldn’t have done it without the help of Christine and Adam, who came all the way from Ft. Lauderdale with their sweet pug, Hank!

I’m just going to post all the pictures, you can figure out what’s happening in them :) Thanks to Rahul and Christine for the wonderful pictures! Get ready for photo overload!



Happy 4 months to our sweet girl!

I made the executive decision to switch to monthly pictures because let’s be real, we all knew there would never be 52 fancy weekly pictures of Margot! Major props to Kendra, memory keeper extraordinaire, who is currently on 50 straight weeks of documenting Charlie’s favorite 50 week old, Kenley (or, if you’re Charlie, Kendee!)

We love you, sweet baboo!


In other news…

We’re lucky again!

1, 2, skip a few…12

It happened. I already fell off the weekly picture bandwagon. Ah!! I obviously spoke to soon in my last post. Oh well, here’s sweet girl this week, number 12!

We’ve had a really busy month! We had a visit from my wonderful friends from college, Christine and Alexina! Christine, I’m stealing some pictures!

We went shopping for wedding dresses for Alexina not once, but twice! (Margot loves brides!)

We’ve been building Woody lots of houses. He gets a new construction home at least once a day. They are not hurricane Charlie proof however. His insurance must be really high.

Charlie has been busy trying to dress himself. 100% of the time, we get some variation of this:

Charlie and Margot have been enjoying lots of quality time together. This time usually results in Margot’s face being squished. Sorry Margot, hopefully he’ll stop that sometime soon!

Last week was Charlie’s first day of preschool. He’s going two mornings a week for 3 hours each. He loves it! Minus the fact that his teacher found him hiding in a shelf crying silently after I left yesterday…He cheered right up, though, don’t worry!


Ok, I think we’re all caught up now! How’s that for an update!?

Weeks 6 and 7

I didn’t stop taking her weekly pictures already! We’ve just been a little busy around here and haven’t had time to post them!

I’ll be back with a full update tomorrow! As for right now, we’re busy watching the Olympics and laughing at Margot’s silly jeggings!