Apparently I decided to take January off! Not to worry, I was still taking pictures! We kicked off the month with a fun Massini family get together at our house on Lisa’s last day in Florida. We had butternut squash soup, sandwiches, and a whole lot of fun!

The next day, I put Charlie to work organizing the Christmas ornaments. This was heaven to him! At first, he was sad that we were putting them away. I explained that we have to put them away for them to be special again next year…Now every time we put something away, even for the night, he’ll say, “It’s gonna be special, Mama?” Pretty cute.

The next weekend was Disney (Half) Marathon Weekend! By the way, I ran that. More on that later!

Yes, those are our children outside Cinderella’s castle in the middle of the night. Yes, we are insane. Note that they are both wide awake.

A few weeks ago, Margot was in her crib and Charlie was playing in her room while Nathan was spraying a diaper (glamorous). He kept hearing Charlie say “Her’s not on her’s bottom! Her’s not on her’s bottom!” over and over. He couldn’t really figure out what that meant, but thought that maybe she had fallen over. He walked in to find her pulled up on the side of the crib! Isn’t it funny that Charlie is noticing her milestones?

*knit bows available in the shop!*

In other news, Margot is eating (and loving!) Cheerios!

There has been a whole lot of brother-sister love happening around here!

I cannot get enough of those cheeks!

And Charlie decided to take a turn sitting on her lap…

Margot LOVES to stand. She’s always trying to get Nathan or me to help her up!

Love that wild girl smile!


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