Thanksgiving 2012 Part II

Before I get back to Thanksgiving, I wanted to let you know about something fun I’ll be starting tomorrow here on the blog! Every Tuesday in December, I’ll be participating in A Pinterest Christmas with friends and friends of friends across the country! Each week, we’ll be posting Christmas crafts that were (p)inspired by Pinterest. Stop by tomorrow for my first post!


All right, on to our next Thanksgiving installment! We had a few trips down to the beach. It was a little chilly, a little windy, and a lot of fun!

GiGi armed Charlie and Annie with mini pink shopping bags and they were determined to collect all the shells.

Charlie was having some pants issues that resulted in him looking like our own personal plumber.

Margot loved the beach, too!

Nathan and I went on a run right before our beach trip, which is why we’re looking so sporty :) It was the first time we’ve ever been able to run together! It’s kind of impossible to do so with two kids, a single jogging stroller, and a toddler that is a VERY erratic and unreliable (read: fast fast fast!!! Stop, get off bike, get back on, go very very slow, get off, push…you get the point) tricycle rider.

The Massini family! I think this might have been Eric’s first trip to the beach.

After the beach, it was time for a guitar duet. Charlie and Annie love playing their guitars together. They usually end up playing each other’s for some reason or another, and they ALWAYS need to use a pick!

Annie loves to say, “Sally, (or whoever else is around) do this!” and then makes a sassy face. It is hilarious every single time.

Charlie has not perfected the sassy face.

Thanksgiving dinner was delicious, as usual!

John making the gravy, of course

These kids were ready to eat!

And Buzz Lightyear even showed up for dessert!

A wonderful long weekend with family and friends!






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