A Pinterest Christmas: Pom Poms All Around!

It’s week one of the Pinterest Christmas series! This week, I was (p)inspired by the adorable pom pom wreath over at The Little Things.


I love making pom poms, whether they be for a baby’s head, present, or wreath! I picked up my wreath at Joann’s for only about $11, such a bargain. Kendra (and Kenley and Margot) and I made this project together, so head over to her blog to get the lazy girl pom pom tutorial, no extra tools needed! I’m sharing the adorable bow tutorial here.

What you’ll need:

  • fabric- about 1/4 yard or less
  • sewing machine, or a needle and thread
  • iron
  • hot glue
  • wire/yarn/string to attach it to your wreath

First, you’ll need to decide how big of a bow you want. I had 1/4 yard of fabric, so I just eyeballed how big I wanted the bow and then doubled the length and height of that for my bow. The finished bow is about 8″ x 4″, so I cut out a piece about 16″x 8″. You don’t need to worry about exact measurements, just make sure you have the general size.

Next, fold it in half lengthwise with right sides together. Sew a 1/4″ seam along one small end and the long end. Make sure you leave one short end open so you can turn it right side out!

Turn your tube right side out. It helps to trim the corners before you do so to get a nice point. You can use a pencil eraser to help poke them out.

Iron it so your bow doesn’t look like you picked it out of the trash.

Fold over your raw edge on the skinny side about 1/2″ and iron them.

Tuck your skinny side that is sewed shut into the open part. You should now have a loop.

Next, you’re going to sew that seam together. Make sure you don’t sew through both layers of the loop!

It will look like this:


Okay, put the loop to the side. Now you’re going to make the little tie part in the middle of the bow. Cut a piece of fabric that is about 2″x5″. Iron it so that it looks like this:

Here it is all ironed flat

Back to your bow loop. Bunch it up so that it looks like a bow.

Decide what side will be the back and hot glue your skinny strip that you ironed onto the middle. This will cover up the seam that you stitched on the loop earlier.

Wrap it around the bow and hot glue the other end to the back, too.

Now you have a bow!

I used some wire to loop through the skinny strip to attach it to my wreath. You could also use string, yarn, or whatever else you have lying around. I just twisted it around the bow and then twisted around the wreath.

Hang up your wreath and admire your craftiness!


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5 thoughts on “A Pinterest Christmas: Pom Poms All Around!

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  2. I laughed out loud when I read, “You don’t need to worry about exact measurements, just make sure you have the general size.” These are truly our famous last words!

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