Gingerbread Babies!

Charlie and I decorated gingerbread boy cookies yesterday. Charlie wasn’t excited in the least. Just kidding!

He worked very hard and probably ate about 3 times more chocolate chips than what he actually used.

Blob smile!

The finished, goopy cookie. Looks great, Charlie! Does it taste good?

As Charlie would say, “Him said yes!!!”

I was about to eat one of mine’s legs, but I figured I’d take a picture first…

Icing beard. Yum!

Margot had fun too, even if she had no idea of what was going on!


One thought on “Gingerbread Babies!

  1. Just wish I could have been there with Charlie and his gingerbread boy. I am sure it was delicious! Margo is a real doll. She seems so proud of herself sitting right up. Did she get to have a bite of the cookie?? thanks for sharing! GB

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