Great Day in the Country

Yesterday I had my second craft fair, the Great Day in the Country in Oviedo. It was wonderful! My friend, Lindsey and I shared a booth and it was a great success. It was a ton of work getting everything ready, we both got about 4 hours of sleep the night before. Nathan was up building my chicken wire display until almost midnight! That also included a 9:30pm trip to Home Depot to get a new staple gun to replace the one that was jammed, nothing like waiting until the last minute! I always say I work well under pressure :)

It was the 13th year of the Great Day in the Country and there were over 300 vendors and about 60,000 people in attendance. My booth location was so much better this year, on a main corridor rather than down a small alcove of booths. This, combined with having a much bigger variety in items and prices of my items really helped increase my sales this year! You can see Nathan’s chicken wire creation in the back left corner of the booth, I found the idea from Pinterest here. I painted it the color of our guest room, Vintage Map by Martha Stewart. Love that color!

I had gotten a horrible cold on Thursday (Charlie’s third birthday!) and I was so worried that I would be down for the count on Saturday. Luckily, with the help of lots of tea and some tylenol (and no sleep!), I was just fine until the end of the day when I started to lose my voice, which is still gone this morning.

Here are the interchangeable headbands and snaps. I thought these would be much more popular than they were, but now I still have some left over for my next show, the GLAM Craft Show in Gainesville on December 2!

I got my logo printed on cotton canvas at and then sewed it up and put some grommets in it so we could hang it up to our ikea curtain backdrop. We definitely need a better method for hanging those up, because several times during the show, they kept blowing way into the booth. We had a rope running along the ground and attached them there, but we needed some more help on the sides. Dad, any ideas? :)

For my next show, I’m definitely going to be making lots more boy things. They sell so fast! I think there is a shortage of cute boy things out there, so every time a mom of a boy comes in, she just has to buy something! I’ll also be doing more hair clip versions of the interchangeable snap headband flowers and bows. I had lots of custom requests for those.

I’m hoping my next show will be as successful as this one! I’ll be putting items that weren’t sold up in my etsy shop this week, so if you weren’t able to come, you still have a chance get your hands on some cute baby and toddler things! Thanks to everyone that came out and visited!


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