Two Peas in a Pod

These two make me so happy! These were taken on Charlie’s third birthday. I can’t believe my tiny boy is three!

It is so fun to see their relationship grow as Margot becomes more “alive”. Speaking of that, look who’s sitting up all by herself! She started doing that the week before she turned 5 months!

She is always looking for him if he’s not in view and loves it when he “holds” her!

Charlie can make her laugh more than anyone else and takes such good care of her. If she’s crying, he’ll run over to her and say, “Aw Margot, it’s okay! Don’t be sad!” Then he usually runs away and reappears a few minutes later with a toy that he found in her room. It is so so sweet.

Can you imagine these two being teenagers? Margot bossing around Charlie and making him drive her around? We are in for a lot of fun!

One thought on “Two Peas in a Pod

  1. Wow! I can’t wait to hug sweet baby girl and big boy again. They are growing up too quickly!!!

    thanks Sally, you are the best!

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