A Swashbuckling Good Time

Halloween 2012 has brought us a pair of pirates! Charlie has been all about pirates lately, so it seemed like an appropriate costume choice.

Just like in years past, I tried to do way too much and my grandiose plans for homemade pirate pants resulted in this:

Shakira pirate hot pants. Back to square one. We ended up just going to Walmart and picking up some $4 red sweat pants that we cut up to look pirate-y. Much better! I used Dana’s pirate vest tutorial for Charlie, this adorable hat pattern for Margot’s hat (yes, that is an earring dangling from it!), and Spool’s bird tutorial for their parrots, which I attached to their shoulders with snaps! I was originally planning to sew them on, but Nathan had the great idea to use snaps. Who knew husbands have such great crafting ideas? The snap has come in very handy because Charlie continually wants to sleep with his parrot at night!

Last week, our Baby Bunch group had a fun Halloween party. Just take a moment to enjoy this picture.

Doesn’t this look like a nice, relaxing way to spend a Tuesday morning? This picture perfectly depicts about 100% of our gatherings, there’s usually at least 1 child crying, some trying to run away, others completely oblivious to what is going on, but the moms are all enjoying it! I love these moms! We all met at the Baby Bunch group through the hospital when our first kids were tiny babies and since then, almost everyone has either had a second baby, is pregnant with their second baby, or thinking about having a second baby. It is so fun that our kids have literally known each other their whole lives! Charlie calls this group his friends and his friends from school are his “nother friends.”

We went to the annual EA Halloween party on Friday, which is always a good time. This year, the theme was zombies. Nothing like a nice, wholesome family theme!

They really go all out. On every floor, there were employees dressed as zombies, “missing” and “dangerous” signs all over with zombie-employee pictures, and even a fake newscast. It was quite the event. We thought Charlie would be scared, but he didn’t seem to even notice the zombies “eating” the fake limbs or the scary music playing in the background. He was completely all about the trick-or-treating! This is the first year that he really seems to get it, and boy was he pumped!

Here they are hanging out at Daddy’s desk taking a break from all the trick-or-treating through the cubicles. There’s also a pumpkin carving contest for employees. Here’s a fun one!

Charlie is so excited to hand out candy. Every time he passes the pantry and sees the candy he tells me, “These are for the trick-or-treaters. I’m gonna hand them out. Don’t eat these, Mama.” Okay, Charlie. I’ll just stick to eating your candy, instead :)


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