The Lucky Eyebrow

So, Margot has a lucky eyebrow. Well, it’s more of a lucky eyebrow strand of hair. For some reason, it is growing at super sonic speed and is now about an inch long. When I first noticed it several weeks ago, I figured oh, I’ll just pull this little (long) thing out. When it didn’t come out on my first tug, I immediately felt horrible about trying to pluck my infant’s eyebrow, so we just left it alone. Here is what we’re working with here:

It wasn’t always that long, recently it has picked up speed! It has become a pretty constant source of humor in our house, always ending with us saying “man we really need to cut that off” but that never happens.

Let’s fast forward to me dropping off Charlie at school today. Margot and I are on our way out and we pass one of the infant “teachers” in the hall. She stops me to look at Margot and comment on how much she looks like Charlie, all the normal things. All of a sudden, she says, “Oh! Wait a minute, hang on..” and she pulls the lucky eyebrow. She PULLED it!!!! I don’t know who was more shocked, me, that she pulled my baby’s eyebrow, or her, when she realized that one inch piece of hair was actually growing out of my baby’s face.

Now it gets awkward.

Teacher: “Oh, I didn’t realize…”

Me: “Um, yeah, that’s attached…it’s just really long…” As I’m saying this, I’m realizing how ridiculous this sounds.

Teacher: looks at me like why in the world would you not take care of that!?! How can you even let an eyebrow get that long!?!

Me: Okay! Well, gotta go!!

Awkwaaaaard Tuuuurtle…Time to take care of the lucky eyebrow

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