Life Lately…

We’ve had a few quiet weeks around Casa Burnett. Lots of playing at home and going to our new favorite shady park almost every day. Charlie has taken up a new interest in tennis after watching lots of different middle aged men hit baskets of tennis balls to no one on the court on several occasions. He just stands there staring saying “I want to go in there. I want to go in there now. I want to throw the little ball.” Sorry, Charlie. Maybe you can bother the man next time.

Margot is getting quite strong! She loves to play on her belly, cross her arms, and look around. However, every time she’s on her belly, this ends up happening within about 30 seconds

Now, this looks nice and sweet, but this quickly turns to this

“What is this kid doing!?” Charlie shoves himself under her little play mat and squishes poor Margot, usually with his arm around her waist/neck/head and adds some vigorous pats for good measure. If he’s not under the little “roof” of her mat, he’s busy putting his plastic lizard on top of it or trying to smush it. Margot has a long road ahead of her as Charlie’s little sister. At least the lizard isn’t real. I have a feeling that in a few years we’ll be dealing with lizards of the live variety.

She can really sleep anywhere! What a little snuggle baby, look at those curled toes. Nothing like sweet little baby feet!

Here’s our little wild woman being a fire lady thanks to Charlie. He wears this plastic hat that we got from the fire station all. the. time. I don’t know how much longer it’s going to last. It has a huge crack in it and is missing the little paper badge that used to be on the front. Maybe it’s time to get a new one.

Here’s a cute one of us from Papa’s birthday weekend. Look at that sweet hand holding action happening there. Margot can’t be bothered to notice!

One thought on “Life Lately…

  1. Sally, your children are adorable. Charlie sure nows how to entertain his sister and himself very well!!!
    Margot sure is a cutey and I am sure her wonderful disposition is also a gift. Enjoy these days, they seem to pass so quickly. Love, GB

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