1, 2, skip a few…12

It happened. I already fell off the weekly picture bandwagon. Ah!! I obviously spoke to soon in my last post. Oh well, here’s sweet girl this week, number 12!

We’ve had a really busy month! We had a visit from my wonderful friends from college, Christine and Alexina! Christine, I’m stealing some pictures!

We went shopping for wedding dresses for Alexina not once, but twice! (Margot loves brides!)

We’ve been building Woody lots of houses. He gets a new construction home at least once a day. They are not hurricane Charlie proof however. His insurance must be really high.

Charlie has been busy trying to dress himself. 100% of the time, we get some variation of this:

Charlie and Margot have been enjoying lots of quality time together. This time usually results in Margot’s face being squished. Sorry Margot, hopefully he’ll stop that sometime soon!

Last week was Charlie’s first day of preschool. He’s going two mornings a week for 3 hours each. He loves it! Minus the fact that his teacher found him hiding in a shelf crying silently after I left yesterday…He cheered right up, though, don’t worry!


Ok, I think we’re all caught up now! How’s that for an update!?

One thought on “1, 2, skip a few…12

  1. Sally, Grandpa and I totally enjoyed the wonderful update on your family. We had to laugh out loud at Charlies dressing problem. However it looks like he got it all figured out. thanks so much for thinking of us we appreciate it so much. wish we could just pop in and play a while with Charlie and Margot!!! Love, GB

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