Week 5: Smiles!

There’s a little delay on this week’s picture- sorry! We took it on Monday, but I haven’t had a chance to post it until now. Margot started smiling on Saturday! Here she is in action

Pretty cute, she sure is a happy baby! Yesterday, I swaddled her up for her nap and put her in her crib for the first time. She slept for almost 4 hours! I couldn’t believe it. Charlie didn’t know where she was because she usually sleeps in our bedroom or in her little chair out in the family room. When he finally found her in her crib after a few hours, he got so excited and tried to climb in!


Charlie and I have been doing lots of art projects to keep him busy during the day. Here’s one we made last week, he calls it “Crabby.” He didn’t want his picture taken, so this is as good as it gets.

We hung Crabby up on his wall and he loves looking at it and pretending it’s pinching him!


I never got to post pictures from our trip back to Clearwater for Margot to meet Aunt Yiyi, Uncle John, Aunt Tara, and Annie! Here are a few highlights…

One of Charlie’s favorite things to do is “cook.” Obviously, when it was time to make the coffee, he had to help. He’s about to say something really important here.

This was the weekend that Tropical Storm Debby came through and really put a damper on everything. We were able to make it out to the beach on Saturday morning, but that was about it! It started raining that afternoon and didn’t stop until everything looked like this:

Needless to say, we were stuck inside for pretty much the entire weekend. Luckily, there wasn’t any damage to the house, (minus a little leak) but the water made it about 3/4 up the driveway! I took this picture from their second floor.

We kept ourselves busy inside singing songs with Papa. Charlie loved it, especially when he got to play!

Of course we had to take the traditional Yiyi picture! It’s getting quite crowded! What will we do when our next cousin arrives!?

Unfortunately, we didn’t get any pictures with John and Tara because they went out to Tara’s family’s for the day on Sunday, but then got flooded out and couldn’t make it back! We’ll have to take some next time :)

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