Nathan’s Birthday

Here I am, getting behind again. Nathan’s birthday! He turned 28 last month, meaning he is REALLY in his late twenties now, if there was any confusion about that before. Meanwhile I’m still fully enjoying myself in my mid twenties. We wanted to do something fun to celebrate so we packed up and went to Downtown Disney for the day. It was Charlie’s first Disney experience! Let me tell you, he loved every minute of it… Until we got the biggest sundae ever from Ghiradelli’s and he decided right then and there would be the most opportune time for a total toddler meltdown. That is neither here nor there. We had a great day!

Charlie loved the Lego store. Here’s the birthday boy, little boy, and “Woowie,” himself! Toy Story 1 and 3 are Charlie’s most favorite movies (and pretty much the only movies he’s seen), so he was excited to see how HUGE Woowie is in “real life.” At this point, Woowie was his favorite. Sorry Woowie, move over. Buzz is now number one in Charlie’s heart.

Here we are with our new family: a pirate boy, fancy girl, mouse woman, and goofy where’s Waldo. And their herd of dogs. Charlie fits right in.

How do you get to be one of the professional Lego builders? That profession is right up there with nail polish namer and cupcake taster.

We had lunch at that seafood place that is a fake boat. Charlie flirted with the waitress and then ate half of my shrimp po boy. The boy loves his shrimp!

We went in every store and Charlie played with every single toy in every one of those stores. We spent over an hour in some of them! Can you believe we didn’t buy anything? The lure of Disney has nothing on us!

It was a great day. Charlie was so good and didn’t even have a name. We were actually surprised that the meltdown didn’t happen until 3:00! He must be a professional tourist in training.

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