The longest 5 days of my life

Remember when I said I wanted to get the top cabinets done by the end of the weekend? Change of plans! Let’s start from the beginning. I took down all the top doors and propped them up on the boxes our wedding china came in…It was the only thing that I had enough of to keep them off the ground so I could paint!

Here they are in action with their first coat of paint on the back.

I realized that things were moving along quicker than I thought they would! I finished up the top cabinets- two coats of paint and one top coat layer- looking good!

Here is a closer view.

By Thursday, I was basically done with the top doors. I just had to wait for the top coat to dry; it takes 12 hours before you can hang them up. I was so happy with how everything was going that I decided to start on the bottom cabinets and figure out what to do with Charlie later.

At this point, I was SO tired of painting. I had been doing it nonstop for over 8 hours the past two days. It was encouraging to see the frames starting to look “real,” though! It was time for me to go get Charlie and I still had no idea of what to do about those bottom cabinets. I saw his huge pad of paper on the kitchen table and viola! A solution!

Surprisingly, it worked! Charlie didn’t even try to go in there! He did have one incident of leaning on a cabinet “door” and falling through, but I was right there to catch him before he ended up totally in the cabinet :)

I also started to put up some of the doors that were dry. Looking so good!

The end seemed to take the longest because there was a lot of drying time in between each coat and I didn’t have anything else to paint (the frames). After what seemed like FOREVER- I finished painting the final coats on Saturday- I was done! And yes, you read that right. I did the entire project by myself. It would definitely go much faster with another person, but Nathan was really busy at work last week, so I just kept trucking! Nathan was a HUGE help with the hardware. He got all the knobs and pulls on by Sunday afternoon.

This was a great thing to wake up to this morning!

And another view…

And another!

I am so so happy with the result and can’t wait the 5-6 days that it takes to cure. Everything it still a little soft and you have to be careful not to scratch it when you pull a knob! There are still a few things we need to do. We’re going to be removing the curved shelves on the top and hopefully putting some open shelving in between the cabinets and curtains there. I also still need to do the very bottom of the cabinets, but I seriously needed a break from painting! Hopefully we’ll get a new oven/microwave within the next year or so. Very exciting! What do you think?

6 thoughts on “The longest 5 days of my life

  1. Awesome! Just a question, what paint did you use? and how much of it did you use? I’m curious because I would LOVE to do this to our kitchen, but we also plan to redo it eventually, probably in 5 years or so, but this might make our kitchen seem a little brighter until that time comes. I’m not sure if it is worth it to re paint everything now, if we are going to tear everything down in the not too distant future.

    P.S. I’m a friend of Tara’s from college.

  2. I used the Rustoleum Cabinet Transformation kit. It comes with a deglosser, paint, optional glaze, and top coat. The small kit is about $80 and the large kit is $150 i think. We probably could have gotten away with getting the small kit, but we used more because we had already done our guest bathroom so we bought 2 small kits and only used a teeny tiny bit of the second kit. We did the “winter fog” color with no glaze. I think it would definitely be worth it to enjoy your kitchen a little more for the next 5 years! :)

  3. Looks fabulous, Sally. Did you do all this with Bella in the house, too??

    Lucy is the friend who had all the helpful hints on cloth diapers when you were first starting your research. Her younger daughter is a couple days younger than Annie :)

  4. The new color is really great! And you somehow manage it all with two kids– that’s what mid–twenties means.Please keep up your Sally&Nathan site. It is a great comfort to me to be able to follow your happy life. — WSW

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