I didn’t mean to take a two month hiatus! Life really got away from us for a while there. I’ve been working more hours this summer, which means many days we leave home shortly after 7 and don’t return until after 6. I’m pooped! I don’t know how moms that work outside the house full time do it. Kudos to them! I’m going to take the next few days to update everyone on what we’ve been up to this summer. How about we start way back at Memorial Day? Wow- that was a long time ago!

We went to the Massini beach house and enjoyed some time in the sand. Charlie was pretty nervous at first, saying “no! no! no! no!” as soon as the water came into view on the walk down to the beach.

He gradually warmed up to it and had lots of fun playing in the sand and some tidal pools.

We also had lots of fun going on Captain Nemo’s Pirate Cruise! Although Charlie cried hysterically when the captain rang a little bell as we were shoving off, he ended up loving it. I think he said “a boat” about 3,000 times.

We even got pirate hats and Charlie got some fancy facial hair. It was a good look.

By the end of the cruise, it was very close to nap time. Charlie was almost falling asleep on my dad while he was sitting up!

Somewhere along the weekend, Charlie decided to turn into a teenager. Where did my baby go!?

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