Splash man

Two weeks ago after Charlie had a royal fit about me not wanting to spray him with the hose anymore after watering the garden, I thought it was time to take him down to the splash pad at our neighborhood pool. He LOVED it. In fact, he was so cold and his little teeth were chattering, but he wouldn’t let me dry him off or try to warm him up for more than 10 seconds. All he wanted to do was run around in the water!

It was spring break for the public schools in our county, so the pool was pretty much overrun with teenagers doing teenagery things. There was plenty of pushing each other into the pool, guys splashing girls that weren’t in bathing suits, and girls laughing at guys’ unfunny jokes. Charlie loved every second of it. He just stood there staring at them from about 5 feet away for 15 minutes. He looked like he really wanted someone to push him in the pool, too. Sorry, Charlie. You’ll have to wait for that. Maybe a girl will even laugh at your  unfunny jokes someday, too.

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