So it’s been almost a year since I planted the plants in our front yard. It looks a lot different now! Charlie LOVES going outside to play every single day, so we’ve really been able to enjoy all the flowers and pull the occasional (or not so occasional) weed. Not everything made it through the freeze this winter, so we put some pots out with lots of annuals. All the flowers make me so happy when we pull up in the driveway!

Charlie has a tendency to be a bit rough with the flowers (and everything in general). Telling him “gentle” gets a response about 5% of the time. Count this in with that 5%! Check out the one finger touch below.

Those are ranuncula bulbs growing in that wood planter that Charlie’s leaning on. They were in my wedding bouquet and are my favorite flower! We also got two ranuncula plants at the Leu Gardens plant sale a few weeks ago. You can kind of see them in the first picture. I was so excited to see them because I’ve never seen them for sale as plants, so even though I had just planted the bulbs, we went ahead and got the plants too.

Have you ever been outside and wondered if an airplane was flying nearby? If so, you need a Charlie. He will point out every bird and airplane in the sky…and keep pointing it out until he can’t see that bird or airplane anymore. Luckily, there are lots of “birrs” and “ah panes” around, so there’s never a dull moment.

Charlie loves blowing bubbles. He has started practicing a lot lately, even when bubbles are nowhere to be found. I guess he got the urge to do some practicing and was using this palm frond as a bubble wand. Then he thought it would be really fun to rub it all over his face. He does not get this from my side of the family. Weird, but cute, Charlie.

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