Old McCharlie had a farm

Three weeks ago, we planted our very first vegetable garden! We decided to go the raised bed route because I’ve been reading up on them a lot lately. Everything I read always started the plants with seeds. I’m an instant gratification kinda girl, so we decided to nix that idea and just buy the plants.

We got our raised bed a Lukas Nursery. Charlie loves going to the nursery and he gets a free plant every time! (Translation: mama gets a free plant) Its a great family owned nursery in Oviedo and is only about 10 minutes away. Thank goodness for that because the raised bed was strapped to the roof of our car on the way home. Yes, we were those people that no one wanted to drive behind. The ride home was strikingly similar to a nightmare I had once about driving with mattresses tied to the roof. Luckily the teenager that tied it to the top actually knew what he was doing and we didn’t end up with a $40 pile of kindling in the middle of the road. He even tied the knots in a fancy schmancy way that we only needed to pull one string and the knot magically untied. Must be a boy scout or something.

Charlie got the bed off the roof, carried it to the backyard, and then made sure it was ok for sitting in.

Perfect for sitting. A little cramped, but that makes it a little more fun.

We took the fast (lazy?) route and didn’t dig up the grass underneath. I asked Nathan if we should and he said, “no, it will just die.” I like the way he thinks. Good thing we’re married.

We decided to plant four kinds of tomatoes, red, green, and yellow bell peppers, MAMMOTH jalapeños, zucchini, crookneck squash, onions, chives, cilantro, thyme, basil, and flat leaf parsley. Yum!

Charlie loved playing in the dirt. He kept taking handfuls and dumping them in the grass next to the garden.

Here’s Charlie, the Gentleman Gardener after all the plants are enjoying their new home in our backyard.

It’s so crazy to see how fast the plants have grown in only three weeks! Charlie loves to help water the plants. He also loves to be watered, himself. He runs straight for the hose and wants to be sprayed every single time. He cries the saddest cry when its finally time to come in.

I’ll be taking pictures of the garden tomorrow! We’ve already got some itty bitty green tomatoes! How’s that for instant gratification!?

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