My amazingly talented college roommate, Shannon, is doing some awesome things for Orlando. I met Shannon at the very end of our freshman year at UCF. She somehow knew Christine and was over in our suite along with about 5 other girls. The majority of us remember that night as our first “college moment.” You know how when you’re in high school and you imagine college to be all puppies and rainbows and that it’s like living in a permanent sleep over where your roommate is your best friend and you cook dinner in the microwave and straighten each others hair and have a party every Monday night to watch the Bachelor? Well, I met Shannon on a night where several of those things were happening.  I was even creating my equally wonderful friend, Virginia’s facebook account. How college can you get!? Aren’t you all shocked with my fabulous memory?

Here we all are being super cool sophomores. Let’s play a game called “guess who has a spray tan?” :)

Shannon and I were smart college students and never scheduled classes on Fridays. Fridays were for sewing, repainting the living room for the 923874927398327 time (what? you want to paint the hallway in chalkboard paint? tonight? but it’s getting late and American Gladiators is on. ok!), eating cupcakes, and drinking 5 lb milkshakes.

Look at all these wonderful Knitting Knights “officers.” See those stripes on the wall? Shannon painted those without tape. Skills.

When I was pregnant with Charlie, Shannon entertained my ridiculous requests when I was in the “nesting” phase. I may or may not have spent approximately 3 hours listening to the same 3 songs on itunes because I was too entranced in making that crazy pom pom thing hanging from the ceiling above Charlie’s crib. Shannon rescued me from my 3 song playlist and was my craft partner in crime. Baby shower gift? Not diapers or a little outfit. Only the best sewing book ever by our most favorite fabric designer ever. My kind of girl.

Wow. Charlie still had 2 months of cooking to do in this picture. Big.

Nowadays, Shannon’s working hard to start a nonprofit organization to create artist workspace. Her organization, Conduit, is on right now. It’s a website for new nonprofits to get funding. She is so so so close to her goal and only has until May 1st to reach it! She made this amazing video to promote Conduit and Charlie can be seen showing off his chalk skills! Head on over to kickstarter to watch.

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