Luces, por favor!

Lights, please! That’s what my middle school Spanish teacher used to say all the time. I don’t really know why the lights were always off, but she was always asking for someone to turn them back on! Anyways…

I have a very handy husband! He does things like hang stuff up, install toilets, kitchen sinks, and move the stuff he already hung up when I decide I don’t like where it’s hanging anymore. Isn’t that great?

Here is his latest handyman triumph:

(ignore the trail of rubble and food Charlie left in his wake on the way to the high chair)

Ok, so you probably don’t know what you’re looking at. Welcome to our house! See that fancy pendant lamp? That’s it!

Clearly, my photography skills leave a lot to be desired.

That light was originally designed to plug into the wall. Weird. Who wants a hanging light that plugs into the wall? Ok, I guess renters, but we’re not renters. So, off went the plug! Nathan bravely chopped off the plug, took down the old ugly pendant lamp, rewired everything together and viola, we have a new light! No one even got electrocuted in the process AND it works!

Here’s a picture of our kitchen before we lived in it. You can see the old light in there.

See how high it is? That’s how high it was over our table. We had never bothered to lower it. Almost two years later and we finally got around to it! Please note the insane blinding neon blue paint in the other room through the little peep holes above the cabinets. That’s not a weird shadow, That was the actual color!

Now, let’s go back to the second picture. You have to see my fancy intellectual Valentine’s decorations.

Yes, that’s one of my old text books. I put it to good use! I know it’s now March, but I like it, so it stays for now. Fun!

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