Oh There’s Noooooo Place Like Hooome For The Holidaaays

Make sure you sing that just like Karen Carpenter circa 1978. Isn’t that just the best Christmas cd ever? Ok, well right up there with Harry Conick Jr. (the first one, not that new one), Johnny Mathis, and obviously *NSYNC and Hanson Christmas. Christmas music is seriously my favorite. What other holiday gets an entire genre of music!? I’m sad to have to stop listening. Until next year, Carpenters!

Anyway, we spent a week visiting grandparents over Christmas and had lots of fun. First we went to Grandma Lydia and Grandpa Tom’s. Charlie had SO much fun keeping an eye out for airplanes. They live quite close to the airport, so about every 10 minutes we’d get the alert that one was going by. Thanks, Charlie!

This is us before church on Christmas Eve. I wish you could see how cute Charlie’s outfit was! Lydia got him the most adorable shirt/vest/tie/pants combo. Such a little gentleman!

Of course Charlie enjoyed opening up all his presents…and helping everyone else too!

After we opened presents and had an amazing Christmas breakfast, we packed our CR-V up to the gills.

We managed to take this picture before we left:

We got to my parents’ and opened up lots of presents. John, Tara, and Annie were there too!

And Lisa too! Here she is in present opening action.

Here’s the Christmas quilt I made for my mom. Disregard the fact that there is no binding on it yet. She keeps saying she wants a Christmas quilt for every bed. I think she has forgotten that she has four Christmas quilts (two made by me) and four beds. Bingo! I’m retired until another bed arrives. For the record, a crib isn’t a bed for Christmas quilt purposes :)

Christmas babies and Aunt LiLi for the annual picture! They look the same size here! Charlie and Annie had so much fun playing together. I remember talking last Christmas about how this Christmas they would be playing. That felt like a million years away. Charlie was basically attached to me 23 hours a day and Tara had a basketball belly. The idea of Charlie actually playing and occupying his time by doing something other than eating or sleeping seemed insane. Well, we made it and there they are!

My parents got Charlie this great red chair for Christmas. He LOVES it. He sits in it all the time and is always climbing all over it. He was having so much fun playing with Grandpa Tony!

Sorry, Charlie. Don’t let me interrupt you.

It was such a great Christmas. I loved being able to actually enjoy it this year. Not that we didn’t enjoy it last year, but it pretty much just flew by and we were basically zombies the entire time. Christmas is so much fun with babies!

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