Christmas Partying!

On Nathan’s last day of work before being off for two weeks (!!) we went to an awesome Christmas party at his job. Santa and the Mrs. were there- see below for the terrifying encounter, as well as Christmas carolers all in their Charles Dickens get up AND Ebeneezer Scrooge! And a train! And free mugs filled with free booze and minced meat pie and truffles and pastries and various other meats and desserts. yum! Charlie loved it, except for Santa and Mrs. Claus of course.

Here we are livin’ in up on the train, complete with fake snow. Whoop Whoop!

This was right after the Santa encounter. Charlie had to keep an eye out to make sure no one was coming after him in a big red suit.

One thought on “Christmas Partying!

  1. Oh Sally! Nikki Bamberski let me know about this divine online journal of yours just minutes ago. Girl, what aboutttttt all of this?! We both agreed that it is totally crafty, and dorky and YOU. I just love it. Further, I want to let you know that, that little family of yours makes my heart just bubble with joy. I almost rolled off the bed when I saw that picture of you and little Charlie in the speed train. The Little Engine that could. <3 In all of these pictures you look just gleaming, and fabulous. I am so thrilled to pieces for you and happy that all is well. Honey, next time though when there a Christmas party and free mugs of booze, sweetie, please get an invitation out my way. Thx.

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