The time a goat made Charlie cry

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, Grandma Lydia came back from her trip to New York and she and Grandpa Tom took us to the zoo! We knew Charlie would love it because he loves being out and about and dogs. I guess we figured that if he loves dogs he must love all the other animals at the zoo. Kind of true.

He was very interested in the sting rays. They came over to wave at him. Other people were feeding them, but we didn’t have any food. Sorry stingrays.

The turtles and manatees were also a big hit. That’s how Charlie points, with his whole hand. He’s very polite. It’s very Disney-like.

Telling Grandma about all the animals he’s seen.

Later, we went to the petting zoo part. At first, he was really excited about this idea. We didn’t actually go “in” because it was really dirty in there and I was wearing flip flops. And there was goat poop.

“Oh, hi goat!!! Look at your funny beard! This is so much fun!”

But then we got food and lots of goats came. Hungry goats. Look at that tongue. This quickly escalated to a scary, NOT fun situation for poor Charlie. As soon as one of the goats jumped up when I ran out of food, quivering lip, screams, cries, terror! Time to say bye to the goats.

Side note: “bye” is Charlie’s most favorite word to say. He loves it. It’s really the only word that he knows when to use it. If we start to gather up things, he says bye to whoever he thinks is leaving. When I drop him off at daycare, “bye.” When I pick him up at daycare, he looks at each one of his teachers and says bye to each one of them. SO CUTE

The thing I was most excited to see was the giraffes because I knew we could get really close to them. They ended up being the last thing we got to. This wasn’t the greatest idea because the only time Charlie’s eyes closed was while they were blinking. So, of course this happens right as we get to the giraffes.

Nice, Charlie. Whatever, that didn’t stop us. He needed to see the giraffes! So we risked having him wake up face to face with a giraffe.

Good morning!

This giraffe really wanted us to give him a giraffe cracker, but we didn’t have any. Sorry giraffe!

Such a great day at the zoo! I can’t wait to take him again when he’s a little older and it’s warmer outside so he can play at the splash pad. Thanks grandma and grandpa!

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