Charlie had a great first Halloween! I spent WAY too long making his costume. When I say way too long, I mean that I dyed it four times to try to get skin color. Note to self: do not ever try to dye anything skin color ever again. Ever! Well, it ended up a nice shade of light yellow. Whatever, I guess skin can be light yellow. Charlie didn’t seem to mind. He was Operation Baby.

Here we are! I knew he couldn’t have a costume with anything on his head or anything out of the ordinary, really because he would just pull it off. I was originally going to make him a skeleton costume, but then my mom got him his fun glow in the dark jammies, so Operation Baby is was! After the dying debacle, the costume went together really quickly. I just sketched out the pieces and then attached them on just like how I make his onesies each month. I was really happy with how it turned out!

Here is Charlie and two of his best friends, Clara and Dash at the Baby Bunch Fall Festival. Isn’t Clara’s homemade octopus costume the best!? There were little fish in her “ocean tutu.” And how can you not love Dash’s smushy robot cheeks? He loved being the Dash 3000 robot. Jack is behind Dash, but he was having some costume issues at the time and wasn’t enjoying himself very much!

On the Thursday before Halloween, there was a costume parade at Charlie’s school. He wore his skeleton jammies! We had two events on Friday that he needed to be Operation Baby for, and I had a funny feeling that he would get whatever he was wearing all covered in food. Skeleton jammies were the right choice. They came home covered in mushy cheerios and applesauce. Yum. Anyway, Charlie is displaying one of his most favorite things to do. Somersaults. The only problem is that he can’t do them himself. His solution is to stand with his head on the ground/bed/couch and wait for someone to flip him over. He thinks its really funny if you look at him from underneath his belly. He’s right! It is funny! It won’t be long before he can flip himself all the way over. He seems to get closer and closer every day.

Here is Charlie being a wild man while we handed out candy. That little car is one of his most favorite toys. He pushes it all over the house, usually at very high speeds and generally out of control. He only stops when he hits or runs over something. Look out!

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