7 months and a baptism!

Seven months have flown by! Here are Charlie’s latest pictures!

Charlie was baptized on Sunday and we had so much fun with a house full of people! It was so great to see our entire immediate family all at once.

Here’s the man, himself in his fancy linen outfit

Overall, he was very good! He loved it when his hair got wet :) There were three babies and a toddler getting baptized. We all decided that Charlie was the second best behaved there. First place goes to the newborn baby that slept through the whole thing. We didn’t have a chance of beating that! One of Charlie’s friends from the baby group we go to got baptized too! Poor little guy screamed his full head of hair off the whole time (and most of the mass, too). We couldn’t even hear what was going on. Of course when he stopped, Charlie would start crying, but more of just little whines than full-blown crying. The toddler gave the priest a high five when he was trying to bless him and then screamed “NO NO NO NO NO MOMMY!!!” when he was putting the oil on his head. The whole baptism was quite the fiasco, but it was great! I think anyone in the congregation that was considering having more children must have decided right then and there to wait a few more years!

Of course we had to take this mandatory picture. I’m imagining this same pose in about 15 years. HA!

Let’s all take a moment and enjoy this sweet baby girl! She was so well behaved all day and let everyone hold her. We love you Annie Girl!

One thought on “7 months and a baptism!

  1. LOL… Annie looks like she’s yelling, pay attention to me! She loves all of you, too. It’s an honor to be Mr. C’s godmama! Can we get a copy of that picture with all of us? :)

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