A little curb appeal

Charlie and I go on lots of walks. LOTS of walks. Minimum two a day. This is getting a little harder now because it’s getting so hot. It really doesn’t seem to bother Charlie, though because the shade on his stroller is so big. Only half of his little shins stick out. It’s pretty cute! Baby sunscreen, here we come! So anyways, on these walks, I look at everyone’s yard. People must think I’m crazy, but for months I was trying to figure out what plants I wanted. I promise, I’m not creepy! Just looking for yard inspiration! Well, I found it. No, I’m not posting a picture of a stranger’s yard. That would be creepy. Maybe one day…

During the two glorious weeks Nathan had off, we took a few family trips down to Lukas nursery- Charlie loved it (and got a free plant! just for being a baby!) We found lots of plants we both loved and hauled them all home. This took two separate trips because the billion plants we bought and Charlie’s stroller didn’t all want to fit in the trunk together.

Nathan hung out with Mr. Baby for the afternoon and I planted and planted. I’m quite happy with the result! The purple flowers all bloomed a few days after I planted them. You can see our little herb “garden” in all those pots on the sidewalk. Here is the before, just in case you forgot.

I realize it looks a little…bare? They’ll grow!

I still need to plant that last oleander. Only problem is, there’s a sprinkler right where I want to plant it! (to the left of the other ones on the side of the house) We’ll figure something out!

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