The Bottle Battle

Charlie has never taken a bottle voluntarily. In fact, he’s never even taken a bottle involuntarily. We’ve tried several times, each one ending in a hysterical screaming fit, two frustrated parents, and more milk on Charlie than in his belly. He is apparently just one of those babies that likes their meals straight from the source. Now, this is all fine and dandy for now, because we spend and have spent every minute of every day together for the past four months (minus a few trips to Publix here and there). However, I’m headed back to school starting in May, and I’m not exactly sure that Dr. C would be so thrilled by having a six month old student joining the cohort. And anyways, the last thing I need is to spend my eight hours each day in class worried that my baby isn’t eating anything!

This past Sunday night, he was in an especially calm mood. We immediately seized the opportunity to give him a bottle. Enter a frenzy of me running around to warm up some milk and Nathan bouncing him like crazy, trying to make sure this good mood stuck around. Nathan settled in with him in Charlie’s room with the lights dim, and I stayed far, far away, in hopes that he would forget there is even a possibility of me feeding him. Now, normally, screams would be starting in about 10 seconds, but after a few minutes, as I was doing the dishes, there was still silence! Imagine my surprise when I sneaked down the hall and peered very stealthily around the corner to see this:

Charlie guzzling down the bottle and holding it himself straight up and down! Success!

We started rice cereal this morning! Videos to come :)

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