How does your garden grow?

With lots of weeds and dead palm fronds. Thanks for asking!

I finally decided to tackle the growing mass of weeds in our front garden. Believe it or not, it used to look about a million times worse than this. Last fall, when I was about 8 months pregnant, Nathan and I (mostly Nathan) went all gung-ho out there and weeded like crazy and put down the red lava rocks. We even splurged for the “professional” level weed mat thing. See how well that turned out? Obviously, our weeds must be on steroids or something, because that kept out about zero weeds.

So, during nap time I went out there with the baby monitor and showed those weeds who’s boss. Me. Charlie woke up in the middle of it, so he came out to help.

In the end, I think it turned out quite nicely. All ready to finally be planted one day in the (hopefully) not so distant future.

A few weeks ago, we planted two little strawberry plants. One of the plants had a perfect little Charlie-sizedĀ  strawberry ready to be picked. Imagine my surprise when I went to go pick it and found this:

Someone ate it!!! No wonder Julio next door has crazy cages all over every one of his plants! That’s okay. We still have these ones:

HA that was a silly joke, because after Charlie and I got back from our walk this afternoon (about one hour after that picture was taken) ALL the strawberries were gone.

What is eating my strawberries?! Whoever you are, go away!

The higher the number, the smoother the lumber!

See? Camp can teach you things! Useful things! The days of me pretending to know what I’m doing in PA (wood shop for all you non CCSCers) are long gone, but I do remember how to sand things! Frosty would be so proud. Isn’t it hysterical that anyone would think I’m capable of using a bandsaw? By myself? In fact, until I just typed this and googled it, I thought it was called a ban saw. wow. Don’t tell anyone.

Moving on. I used my sweet sanding skills the other weekend on Little Blue. I did a little research over at Young House Love beforehand on what needed to be done to turn this desk into something fabulous. I know everyone is just dying to see what she (is my desk a girl?) looks like. Here’s a “before” shot as she lounges on the Burnett waterfront.

Sanding is a lot of work. Apparently I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I also wore white shorts. Stupid idea. Oh well, all the little blue dust pieces eventually came off. Did I mention it was extremely windy? I sanded and sanded. In fact, I almost sanded my fingers right down to the bone. Note to self: wear gloves next time. After what felt like FOREVER, I decided I was done. I cleaned everything up and moved her back inside.

Okay. So it looks the same, just taken apart. Darn. I guess I needed to do more sanding.

Last weekend, Christine and Alexina came to visit, so I put Christine to work. We decided to sand Little Blue in the driveway. This was a mistake due to her wobbly legs combined with our paver driveway. Christine’s job was to hold her still while I gave her the sanding smackdown. It was windy and we were cold. And I wore a different pair of white shorts. What is wrong with me!? Oh well, I think she looks much better now.

As we were driving through the neighborhood, we saw one of my neighbors in HIS driveway sanding a table. Apparently, this is the thing to do on Saturdays in Oviedo. He was much smarter, though. He had an electric sander. My fingers would have really appreciated one of those. At least my sanding days are over! Hopefully I’ll at least get her primed this weekend! Stay tuned.

Things that whistle in the night

A few nights ago, the baby monitor (aka “Charlie radio”) kept turning on for this weird whistling noise. I figured it was the ceiling fan, as it was the first time we had it on at night. I basically forgot about it the next morning.

Fast forward to that night. Charlie is asleep in his room. I’m busy watching my former roommate’s former suitemate on American Idol (HA!) All of a sudden, I hear a really loud whistling noise outside. I immediately figure its the man that plays with his dog out in the open area between our yard and the pond. He always blows a whistle and it is always annoying. I assumed he would stop. Well you know what they say about people who assume. It kept going. And it was getting louder. What the heck, man with a dog and a whistle! Don’t you know its dark outside and I have a sleeping baby and you should not be in my backyard blowing a whistle!?

I get up to go to the sliding door to spy on him. Maybe he’ll see me and feel horrible that he’s about to wake up my baby that just took FOREVER to fall asleep. The only thing was, as I got to the door, I realized the whistling wasn’t coming from outside! It was down the hall! Down the hall, IN Charlie’s room! Immediately, I freaked out and figured a wild animal was in there. By the way, Charlie was sleeping through the whole thing. I could hear wings fluttering VERY quickly. I called Nathan (who was still at work) and held the phone out to hear the whistling. Of course, it stopped every time I tried to show him and he couldn’t hear it. Figures.

This could not wait until he came home. What if this animal crawls on Charlie while he sleeps?? Well the whistling eventually woke him up, so he hung out in the living room and watched American Idol while I went in to catch this animal. It was actually quite easy to find, seeing as it was whistling SO loudly. I caught it in about 2.5 seconds. Good thing I have all that practice from catching lizards when I was little.

Here it is.

It was basically the biggest cricket in the world. Yes, I just happened to have a cleaned out jelly jar standing by. Hey! It came in handy didn’t it!? So I captured him and set him free. I have this thing about killing big bugs that will crunch if I try to kill them. I don’t do it. I catch them and set them free to find their bug families again.

I have no idea how it got in our house. It must have sneaked in when we had some windows open over the weekend. Gross. I hope he found his bug family outside.